Swan Lake Townhome Renovation

Project Info

Another of many renovations completed in this retirement village, this client is far from retired, a busy Real Estate Agent with little time to redecorate – so after years of putting it off, she decided it was time! We started with her living and dining room – working with a wonderful aubergine and grey pallet, we added built-in storage around the fireplace, replaced the hardwood flooring, refinished the staircase, and installed luxurious custom furnishings and sumptuous draperies! Client loves the glamorous feel she gets when she walks in the door! This renovation was featured in GoodLIfe Magazine – how exciting! Next up was her Master Bedroom and bathroom renovation. She wanted a bright bedroom and wasn’t afraid of colour, so we used beautiful oranges and sea blues and lots of beautiful patterns to give her a fun, fresh bedroom!

It’s light and sunny in the daytime and at night, when the lights are all on, it has a whole different look, like a little bit of old Hollywood glamour.

Every time I walk into this space, I marvel at the décor, how light and airy it is and how good it makes me feel. It's breathtakingly beautiful to me.

-  Johanna Parker